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A potential tax number is automatically created with the uploading of the company’s articles of association to MERSIS. After the registration of the company, the same number is used as the valid tax number. After the registration process, the company’s papers of association approved by the notary public, the document showing the registration and registry of the company, the rent information, if any, and the document containing the personnel information of the company partners are applied to the tax office and the tax officers go to the company address and draw up the attendance report.

Nearshoring Turkey  is the perfect option for you, if you need remote working employees but do not need a legal entity in Turkey.

When the procedures are completed, the Tax Certificate is taken. You can get help from us at any time for company formation Turkey.

Every Month: Value Added Tax (VAT),

Quarterly: Provisional tax,

Annual: Annual Corporate Tax and additional stamp duty and income tax are paid.

The rates of these taxes vary according to government policies.


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